Using Dialog Boxes in Android Development

I am rewriting my previous articles on Client Server Communication in Android as they are old and do not follow the best market practices (I was too young in android development that time to know the truth). They’ll hit the blog in a few days [No ETAs]. While I was working on the same project, I got need of creating a dialog box in my app to display some information about the app and credits. I did found enough information on android development website to start with the bare bones, but I was amazed to see the deprecated warning with the showDialog(DIALOG_ID); function call. To come up with another way, I dig my way around internet and found this working solution with 4.0.3 (API 15)

Setup Android Device For Development on Ubuntu

Unable to connect you device to Ubuntu OS for development? I faced the same problem today when reverted back to 10.04 LTS from 12.04 as I wasn’t happy with the new Natty UI of my prior installation. After searching through internet and testing a few of the proposed solutions I found one working for me, which I am posting here.

How To Improve Your Alexa Rank [15 Tips]

how to Improve Alexa Ranking

How to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Alexa which is even known to webmasters for not being real and authentic is still a market bench mark while considering a number of internet services offered to multiple websites. Your Alexa rank is kept in consideration while you list your domain for auction, get contacted by potential advertisers and in lot other stuff you know well being a web guy.

Coming to our topic you want to increase your Alexa rank when all the old tricks are gone one of which was using their redirects to let them know: Hi Alexa, you see? My website is getting great traffic please increase my rank!

Alexa as multiple times reported keep on improving their system and now just using their toolbar and redirect service (terminated!) are not the only thing you should concentrate on while trying to increase your Alexa. Here are 15 great tips to help you make your Alexa rank.

Generate Random WordPress Post URL

Late last night I was working on one of my friends image based website and there he asked me to create next, previous and a random button under the single post (image). I searched around the same niche and found that a few of the site were using something like: or in general a Get variable to check for the user request.

I did not found the code though and had to came up with my own but I was able to understand the mistake others were doing as for a normal visitor ?r=1 ?random=1  may sound like a something weird, but  was a perfect URL with greater user understanding and friendliness. Here is the code:


To use this function you need to create an anchor link to:

If it works make sure you leave a comment and give us a bump either by sharing us or give us a +1 on G.

Add Social Bookmarking Icons To Your Website Blog

Now a days when google is hitting websites with its panda, penguin and spam updates. Search Engine Rankings are falling more towards how well reputed your website is on social sites, even though it do provide the big giants a step ahead of others as they are followed by a larger community yet its the last resort of SE’s after all the spamming webmasters have done through On Page and Off Page SEO techniques including link building, comment spamming, blah blah.

The proof of social importance of your website or blog can seen by the faster indexing of links shared on Google+ and on the other hand facebook, twitters are the all time favorites to generate traffic after hitting the publish button of your cms, although they do not participate much on the ranking side. In addition pintrest is a new social site where images can be pinned, and a few others are also in the list, though Dig is old and StumbleUpon is no more in business much.

I recently got rid of a long list of plugins I was having at my other blog since it was started, managed to removed a few them, embed functionalists of few in the theme itself and lastly I was left with the social icons. In a couple of minutes I managed to install the three, Google+, twitter and facebook on my blog without using any of my supper programming skills as it was a really simple job for any courageous person who can dare to mess with a few lines of human readable code.

Client Server Communication In Android Via JSON

This is a sequel to my last blog post about Client Server Communication In Android in which I discussed how to implement client server communication with default HTTPClient with GET and POST request. In this tutorial we’ll be covering the next part doing communication with the server through JSON.

Disable Comments In WordPress

Today I was going through the logs of of this Blog and found people are not only coming here in search of removing author URL in comments but also we are getting traffic for disabling wordpress comments. I do know this is a pretty simple question with a quite simple answer yet for those who don’t know and what to configure their wordpress installation with no comments here is the solution.

Load WordPress Content Outside The Bolg

WordPress is a very powerful and flexible content management system. It can be as much complex and as much simple as you can imagine. It can be transformed into a fully functional eCommerce site with a cart and payment option on site and can be used as a personal blog after a few clicks of installation.

I recently worked with a client who asked me to turn his WordPress site into an affiliate website which will fetch feeds from different merchants and will display the products in her site. During the development I came across certain obstacles where using custom post types or page template wasn’t a good implementation of what was required. To overcome this problem I loaded WordPress API outside the blog to get the same database and look & feel but with my own programming logic to get the things done.

Enable WordPress Login via Email

How many of you actually forget the usernames of their wordpress logins? at least not me but I often forget my passwords, as I never have the same password for two different logins, i.e for facebook and twitter. Save password works for me, anyway, after writing my first wordpress plugin disable author url and comment links. I was playing with the wordpress hooks and filter and found a nice way to login into wordpress from the email address of the user.

This was at least handy for me since I have around 4blogs to manage and for security purposes I have different and pretty complex usernames, but fortunately all the my accounts are registered with my primary email id and now I can easily login with remembering only one email address. To avail the same service, please copy this code snippet to your themes file: function.php or if you are into chaging themes often you can copy this code into a file and upload via your FTP to the plugin folder and you’ll have the same advantages.

WP Disable Author Url and Comment Links

Disable Author Url and Comment Links : DAUnCL helps you keep your comments <strong>clean from spam links left by automated or manual comment spammers</strong> who are after your valuable traffic. Based on SimpleHTMLDom Library, this plugin removes any external link from your blog comments and comment authors name which are not explicitly allowed by the administrator.