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Using Dialog Boxes in Android Development

I am rewriting my previous articles on Client Server Communication in Android as they are old and do not follow the best market practices (I was too young in android development that time to know the truth). They’ll hit the blog in a few days [No ETAs]. While I was working on the same project, I got need of creating a dialog box in my app to display some information about the app and credits. I did found enough information on android development website to start with the bare bones, but I was amazed to see the deprecated warning with the showDialog(DIALOG_ID); function call. To come up with another way, I dig my way around internet and found this working solution with 4.0.3 (API 15)

Setup Android Device For Development on Ubuntu

Unable to connect you device to Ubuntu OS for development? I faced the same problem today when reverted back to 10.04 LTS from 12.04 as I wasn’t happy with the new Natty UI of my prior installation. After searching through internet and testing a few of the proposed solutions I found one working for me, which I am posting here.

How To Improve Your Alexa Rank [15 Tips]

how to Improve Alexa Ranking

How to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Alexa which is even known to webmasters for not being real and authentic is still a market bench mark while considering a number of internet services offered to multiple websites. Your Alexa rank is kept in consideration while you list your domain for auction, get contacted by potential advertisers and in lot other stuff you know well being a web guy.

Coming to our topic you want to increase your Alexa rank when all the old tricks are gone one of which was using their redirects to let them know: Hi Alexa, you see? My website is getting great traffic please increase my rank!

Alexa as multiple times reported keep on improving their system and now just using their toolbar and redirect service (terminated!) are not the only thing you should concentrate on while trying to increase your Alexa. Here are 15 great tips to help you make your Alexa rank.