Hello World!! My name is Muhammad Osama Shabrez & I’m some 20 years old part-time Web and WordPress Developer from Lahore, Pakistan.

Currently, a university student with my graduation (computer engineering) in process – completing 2014 (still going strong and expected to complete this August). Finally, I have completed my grad and now persuing my masters in Distributed Software Systems from Technische Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany.

I’m a web developer from past 5 years or more now. Till now I haven’t achieved much on the World Wide Web except I am the same person who is:

  • Co-Founder xGEEK Networks, an upcoming blogging giant of Pakistan
    Going great, still somewhere down in the line but climbing stairs each day and I am hopeful we will make it to the limelight someday. You can ask for an autograph and blogging tips in advance
  • Author of WordPress plugin Disable Author Url and Comment Links
    A WordPress plugin to remove comment author URL and comment links. Unfortunately now I am not finding enough time now to keep it updated
  • Founder #include |TECHNOLOGY|
    Blog featuring latest updates, tips and tricks, gadgets reviews and a lot more even compatible with dummies. Now sold to a guy in UK
  • oDesk contractor with a star rating of 4.98
    Hire or view my profile on oDesk
  • Founder DrBlogger.net
    WordPress & Blogger source site founded with the aim of helping people with their blogging and related to blogging problems – yet to launch.
  • Designer of this custom WordPress theme.  Replaced with this current theme and once again working on mine to make it look good
    “You released your product too late if you were not ashamed of your first release” — TooManyTabs.


Language Specialization:
Being a computer science graduate I had exposure to too many programming languages to list down here but I have reasonable grasp on c/c++, java, php and ruby on rails. I am a quick learner and can adopt any environment or language with quite an ease.

Interests & Hobbies:
I’m not always into coding and geek stuff rather I enjoy my evening playing badminton, basket ball or cricket with my two younger brother or friends. I am also a daily jogger and start my morning with a 5 KM. Indoor activities includes playing online social games (GalaxyLife, Zynga Poker) in addition with Call Of Duty MW2 my all time fav, you might have seen me on some random server with the name of Lord Osama. Life has been pretty hard lately 😀 and I have left most of these activities and MW2 despite being the best COD has grown pretty old by now. The last thing I’d mention here will be my interest of blogging about tech and programming which I mostly do when get enough time and pretty much failing. Update: Still failing.

Something else you need to ask, consult, freelance, blah blah?
I am always always available for any help or consultation, freelance work if free. You can speak to me about any of these opportunities via the contact me form or alternatively add me on skype: osama.shabrez


Last Updated: Mon June 22, 2015