How many of you actually forget the usernames of their wordpress logins? at least not me but I often forget my passwords, as I never have the same password for two different logins, i.e for facebook and twitter. Save password works for me, anyway, after writing my first wordpress plugin disable author url and comment links. I was playing with the wordpress hooks and filter and found a nice way to login into wordpress from the email address of the user.

This was at least handy for me since I have around 4blogs to manage and for security purposes I have different and pretty complex usernames, but fortunately all the my accounts are registered with my primary email id and now I can easily login with remembering only one email address. To avail the same service, please copy this code snippet to your themes file: function.php or if you are into chaging themes often you can copy this code into a file and upload via your FTP to the plugin folder and you’ll have the same advantages.