Using Dialog Boxes in Android Development

I am rewriting my previous articles on Client Server Communication in Android as they are old and do not follow the best market practices (I was too young in android development that time to know the truth). They’ll hit the blog in a few days [No ETAs]. While I was working on the same project, I got need of creating a dialog box in my app to display some information about the app and credits. I did found enough information on android development website to start with the bare bones, but I was amazed to see the deprecated warning with the showDialog(DIALOG_ID); function call. To come up with another way, I dig my way around internet and found this working solution with 4.0.3 (API 15)

Setup Android Device For Development on Ubuntu

Unable to connect you device to Ubuntu OS for development? I faced the same problem today when reverted back to 10.04 LTS from 12.04 as I wasn’t happy with the new Natty UI of my prior installation. After searching through internet and testing a few of the proposed solutions I found one working for me, which I am posting here.

Client Server Communication In Android Via JSON

This is a sequel to my last blog post about Client Server Communication In Android in which I discussed how to implement client server communication with default HTTPClient with GET and POST request. In this tutorial we’ll be covering the next part doing communication with the server through JSON.

Simple Client Server Communication In Android

I was working of an android project recently and now I guess .. I am done with my part. Yeah its a team of 4 and the project was divided accordingly. One of the responsibilities I was assigned was the development of Online Leader Board. While I was working, I searched through Internet and found a few examples as well, – I wonder which question Google couldn’t answer?

All of them were either to much complicatedly explained or didn’t cover the complete concepts behind a complete Client Server Communication In Android. Either the writers were assuming that the person who’ll land of this page will be intelligent enough to guess the other part or were simple not interested of posting a complete solution to someone’s problem. And for the same reason I am writing this post, so if someone else lands on this page while searching the same problem he/she could find a complete solution to their needs.